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Eastside Karate

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Eastside Karate - A USA KARATE CLub


Celebrating Over 40 Years of Excellence

Men, Women, Children and Teenagers have all benefited from their experience and training received from Eastside Karate in Tucson, AZ. We teach the physical aspects such as coordination, fitness and self-defense, but it doesn't stop there. Beyond the physical mastery of the skills, we teach self-discipline, mental control and focus on real-life values and leadership, including respect for others.
See You in Tokyo, 2020 Olympics, USA Karate Will Be There...
Our success lies in the incredible people we have had the fortune to work with and their achievements both in the class and beyond in competition, as in life. They have won at every level and title that Karate has to offer, domestically and even internationally.

Our instructors are trained in sport specific knowledge, as well as non-sport specific areas, including sport psychology, spot physiology, sports medicine, teaching techniques, and learning styles.